30-07-2016 door Ermelo YH


Isabel Freese - Vitalis

Isabel Freese – Vitalis

The Freestyle to Music for stallions of eight years and older was, just like the Prix St. George on Thursday, won by the Vivaldi-stallion Vitalis. Presented by the Norwegian rider Isabel Freese, he moved to the winning score of 74.542%. The beautifully modelled stallion moved with a lot of presence and showed an expressive trot in his flashy Kür. What makes this result extra impressive is the fact that Vitalis has been with Freese for only a short time. “I have been riding Vitalis since September 2015, this is our third show. During the previous shows in Germany we obtained a first and second place. Nevertheless, I had no clue what to expect from this competition. Of course I am very happy that it went so well and that we even won the class.”

Although Vitalis has not been a resident in the stables of the Norwegian rider for that long, the pair already forms a great combination. “Vitalis has qualified himself for the prestigious Burg-Pokal for dressage horses in the age category seven to nine years. The final takes place in Frankfurt this December. Vitalis realized the highest score ever in the selection rounds, so naturally I am pleased with him.”  Earlier that day Vitalis’ daughter Victoria’s Secret won the final of the five-year-olds, which meant another indirect success for Vitalis. Isabel Freese responded: “They look so much alike and I think Victoria’s Secret has the same good character as her sire.” It’s not without reason that Vital is in popular demand as a sire in Germany, especially after his temporary absence in breeding when he was located in the United States. Freese: “In the United States he has not covered any mares, but now he is used for breeding again. Therefore, I built up his trainings schedule very slowly the last few months. We still have some things to improve, such as his strength and his pirouettes.”

Freese says to already find the debut of the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses to be a success: “What a beautiful accommodation and top facilities, such as the longe arena and warming-up ring. It’s perfect for the horses and riders.”

The second place in this class was claimed by the easily moving talent Bailamos Biolley. Katrien Verreet rode the son of Sir Donerhall to a score of 74.458, following Vitalis closely. The Freestyle of number three, United-offspring Cirano, was also lovely to watch. Lobke de Jong scored 71.500% with the nine-year-old bay. Chairman of the judges Jacques van Daele was satisfied about the quality of this class. “Not only this class however, I have also seen the qualification of the five-year-olds on Thursday and that was, just like this freestyle tonight, truly a treat to watch. Good quality, great organization and a magnificent presentation. I am over the moon!”