03-08-2018 door Ermelo YH

To the 13 selected five-year-old talents that qualified themselves yesterday for tomorrow’s final, the top 3 of today’s small final is added. This small final was won by the well-modelled stallion Asgard’s Ibiza (Desperado x Jazz), presented by the German Juliane Brunkhorst. Asgard’s Ibiza is an impressive dressagehorse with a remarkable foreleg and front that keeps generating power in his hindlegs, resulting in a score of 8.96. His gaits were valued at a 9.3 for both the powerful trot and canter and an 8.5 for the spacious walk, completed by an 8.7 for submission and a 9 for perspective.

Number 2, Straight Horse Ascenzione (Blue Hors Zack x Blue Hors Don Shufro) and Danish rider Victoria E. Vallentin had the scoreboard display some impressive grades as well. A 9.4 for the trot, an 8.4 for the walk, an 8.7 for the canter and two 9.0 for submission and perspective, brings the total to 8.90. The third ticket to the final went to the Johnson-son Lindballe’s Just Perfect (ds.De Niro) under the Australian Simone Pearce. Their test was rewarded with an 8.84, thanks to the following consistent list of grades: 8.7 for the trot, 9.0 for the walk, an 8.8 for both the canter and submission and an 8.9 for perspective. President of the judges Mariette Sanders: “Everything went superbly, the riders presented the horses in a lovely manner. But just as important, this small final underlined the top quality of this group. I also want to point out number 4 Guillaume Recoing and Star de l’Ocean (s.Soliman). He was the textbook example of what we enjoy as judges today. And the top 3 is in the race for tomorrow! All of them seemed a little more settled than yesterday, they were more relaxed. If these combinations can repeat their performance in the final, they are well within the top of the rankings. Hopefully this streak continues tomorrow!”


(Photo Hippofoto)