04-08-2018 door Ermelo YH

The small final for seven-year-olds brought us the definitive list of finalists that may compete for the title tomorrow. Heading the small final, was the Westphalian chestnut stallion Valparaiso 2 under the Austrian rider Wolfgang Himsl. The son of Vitalis out of a dam by Fürst Piccolo received no less than a 9 for his perspective and with an 8.8 for submission, an 8.2 for the trot, an 8.3 for the walk and an 8.5 for the canter he moved to the score of 79.207%. Also Westphalian registered is Brianna (Bylgari x Rohdiamant) that placed second with 77.286%. This bay mare also received a 9 for perspective. The lowest mark was for the walk (7.9), however there were beautiful grades for the trot (8.4) and canter (8.8) and an 8.5 for submission.

The last ticket for the final was obtained by Simone Pearce and Nexolia Feodoro (Furstenball x Rosario 37) who scored 77.286%. The Hannovarian stallion received the best mark for his trot (8.5), furthermore the scoreboard displayed a 7.8 for the walk and 8.2 for the canter. A 7.7 for the submission and 8.3 for the perspective proved enough to earn a ticket to the final tomorrow.

President of the judges Jean Michel Roudier: “We saw good quality horses and good quality riding. So we are very happy that we were able to invite these three horses to the final. This system, that provides another chance in the small final, is perfect for this championship, as young horses can be very tense in their first test sometimes and cannot express their true quality. The top 3 horses of today were not this good yesterday, and today they showed us that they belong in the finals.”


(Photo Hippofoto)

The final starts tomorrow at 9.30 hours, you can also watch the FEI Livestream.