03-08-2018 door Ermelo YH

Fuersten Look

The second day of the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses started early this morning with the qualification for seven-year-old dressage talents. Adelinde Cornelissen and her KWPN-stallion Governor-STR (Totilas x Jazz) won silver last year at the 6-year-old class and set course for another medal. After a very impressive performance, the scoreboard displayed a 9.2 for the trot, the pure beat walk was rewarded with a 9 and the spacious canter received a 9.4. With an 8.5 for submission and 9.5 for perspective, he convincingly took the lead. The score for technique brought the average to 83.257%.


The KWPN-stallion Glamourdale, presented by the British Charlotte Fry, was the first to score 10s today. His powerful canter was awarded with this ultimate grade, as was his perspective as a dressage horse. The son of Lord Leatherdale out of a Negro-dam took over the lead with a 9.8 for his impressive trot, a 7.5 for his walk and a 9.6 for his submission. The 85.070% maintained the top score for a long time, but then the judges awarded 2 x a 10 again, this time for the trot and perspective of the talent Fuersten Look (Fuerstenball Old x Londonderry) under Isabel Freese. A 9.5 for the walk and a 9.0 for the canter and submission, brought the total of quality and score for technique to 86.600%, enough for the victory.

Heiline’s Danciera

The Danish Carina Cassoe Krüth settled herself in the middle of this duo with the Danish registred Heiline’s Danciera, yet another Fürstenball (mv.De Niro). Also a 10 for the perspective of this powerhouse. Submission was rewarded with a 9.8. The lowest grade being a 9 – for the walk – completed a dream report with a 9.7 for both trot and canter. The 85.343% resulted in place 2. The best 12 combinations will be seen back in the final on Sunday, the small final takes place tomorrow in which the top 3 earn a ticket to the final as well.

President of the judges Jean Michel Roudier: “First of all, I am really amazed with the quality of the organisation. It really is an incredible show. In this group we had a dream team of judges together and it was wonderful to see such high level of dressage. We did not expect this, so it was a pleasant surprise! The best ones will ensure us an exciting final. But I do not know who is going to be the winner, we have to wait and see. They are so close together in their scores and all have different qualities and all of them are such good riders and horses. So yes, we really enjoyed today. It is lovely weather and still some horses gave us goosebumps!”


(Photo Hippofoto)