31-07-2018 door Ermelo YH

The weather forecast for the coming days indicate local temperatures around 28 degrees Celsius. Even though this is not an actual heat wave, the organization of the Longines FEI / WBFSH World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses takes various measures to ensure the well-being of the participating horses. Around the site additional water- and shaded areas have been created for the horses. The three stable tents are provided of opac-, impermeable to light tarps, making it around 7 degrees cooler inside. Multiple misting fans are available to give the participants the opportunity to let the horses cool down gradually after the competitions.

In coordination with the veterinarians and stewards there is the possibility to do the warm-up training in the two indoor arenas. A team of veterinarians that works in accordance with FEI-protocol is present. President of the Veterinarian Committee veterinarian Julius Peters explains: “At the moment there is a relatively low humidity which is positive, because of this, horses can sweat well and emit the heat. We recommend the participants to take the temperature of their horse rectally twice a day: if the horse’s temperature has increased by 2 degrees after the work, then it is wise to cool the horse down. The best method to do so is with water: wait 30 seconds after rinsing the horse, then use the sweat scraper to remove the water and finish by walking the horse so the remaining water can evaporate. The misting fans are a suitable way to let the horses cool down slowly. It is also advised to check if all the horses drink adequately during their stay in Ermelo. If there is doubt about the physical well-being of a horse, various veterinarians are present that can be consulted. However, with the current weather forecasts there should be no problems, especially in combination with the various measures taken and the diverse opportunities to cool.

Moreover, multiple water points have been created for visitors to (re)fill your own water bottle. Of course, there are plenty locations in the promotion village and around the main arena where you can go for a nice refreshing beverage.