17-11-2019 door Charlotte Dekker

The FEI has announced the locations for the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses from 2021 to 2023: following up on the bid of the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses Foundation, they have decided to assign the event to Ermelo on the site of the National Equestrian Centre for these years. 

In 2020, the world championships are organized in the German Verden, home to the championships for many years. In 2016 the world championships came back to the Netherlands after almost 20 years in Germany. For the last four years, thousands of visitors from all over the globe travelled to Ermelo to enjoy the young dressage talent.
“In 2015, we were extremely happy that the organization of the world championships was assigned to the KWPN and KNHS and that we could organize the world championships in the Netherlands. The first edition was a big success and each year we have implemented further improvements that make us believe we established a first-class event. Verden was again our ‘competitor’ in this bid, so it is incredible we may again organize these extraordinary championships in Ermelo from 2021 onward,” says Joris Kemperman on behalf of the organization.

Chairman of the board Aat Both: “We fully understand the FEI’s decision to rotate this event and are happy to cheer on the Dutch competitors in Verden coming year. Nevertheless, it is wonderful that we may host the world championships for the next three years and we will do everything within our power to turn those editions into a great success for both participants and visitors.”

In the board of the foundation, both the KNHS and KWPN are represented. The chairmen of both organizations, Cees Roozemond and Andries van Dalen, are pleased that they may take on the task of organizing the world championships again. “It proves that when you work hard together as organizations, it pays off. The World Dressage Championships for Young Horses is a battle of studbooks and thus a unique event in which sports and breeding come together. That makes the location of the National Equestrian Centre the perfect fit, it is the home ground of both riders and breeders.”