03-08-2018 door Ermelo YH


After very consistent performance, the Vitalis-son Villeneuve (ds.Dancier) is now at the top of the intermediate rankings. Under the German rider Laura Strobel, the Hannoverian chestnut stallion received a 9 for canter and perspective, an 8.9 for the spacious walk and an 8.6 for the trot and an 8.8 for the submission brought the total to 8.76. 


KWPN-stallion Henkie moved to the second place under Adelinde Cornelissen. The Gelder-bred son of Alexandro P (ds.Upperville) has three strong gaits of which the powerful trot was valued the most (9.2). An 8.5 for the walk and submission, an 8.6 for the canter and a 9 for the perspective meant a total of 8.76. Severo Jurado Lopez holds two trumps in the six-year-olds, with d’Avie he got directly placed for the finals. The chestnut sired by Don Juan de Hus only had to accept a ‘lower’ mark for the walk (7.5), besides this there were only high grades on his list: a 9 for the trot, a 9.3 for the canter and an 8.8 for submission and a 9 for perspective he came in third in the intermediate rankings (8.72). 

The bronze medalist of last year, was the last to start his test: Premium stallion Hesselhoej Donkey Boy went to the seventh place with Jan Møller Christensen and though he does not equal his result of last year, he did place himself directly for the final on Sunday, as did the rest of the top 12-combinations. The best 3 of tomorrow’s small final will be added to this group of finalists.


President of the judges Dietrich Plewa looked back on the competition and the competitors. “I think the organization is really perfect. We are now here for the third time and it has improved every year. I am really happy with the surroundings, the whole terrain looks great. The quality of all these competitions are impressively high. We have a very different horses, but all a high standard of riding, education and basic gaits. So, I am really satisfied today. What was really interesting to see is that the audience awarded almost the same grades as we did via the SpectatorJudging app, so they had the same impression as we had. It will be a thrilling final, because some horses were a little bit tense and there is a good chance they will show themselves a lot better if they enter the ring for the second time, be it in the small final or even in the final itself.”

(Photo’s Hippofoto)