08-09-2022 door Ermelo YH

Events play a major role in the vibrant atmosphere of a province. They display the best Gelderland has to offer and act as catalysts for attracting athletes, entrepreneurs, residents, and visitors.

Province of Gelderland: “We aim to help making sport events at both national and international level possible in Gelderland. By providing our expertise, subsidies and/or sponsoring, events are able contribute to our sportive, social, and economic objectives. During large-scale sport events in Gelderland, we offer visitors the chance to see and experience the best and most beautiful Gelderland has to offer. We pay special attention to topics such as nutrition and sustainability. Talents form the bridge between the top-class and amateur sport. It all starts with young sporting children that grow up to be competent athletes. Talents can evolve into potential stars of their respective sport. They inspire others to bring out the best of themselves and to adopt an active, sportive, and healthy lifestyle.

Sustainability square at WC
New this year is the sustainability square at the WC for Young Dressage Horses. Organiser Joris Kemperman tells: “Sustainability also plays a key role in the event sector. We have been invited by the province of Gelderland to join the leading group ‘Sustainable Gelder Sport Events’. This three-year term should eventually serve as an inspiration for other events. We for example adopted a 100% electrical shuttle service. The cooperation with the KNHS is crucial since we use many of their permanent facilities. This year we will set a baseline and the coming years we strive to develop even further in terms of sustainability.