05-08-2023 door Ermelo YH

Opoque (All at Once x Davino V.O.D.) and Mette Sejbjerg Jensen won the final of the Sport Pro Horses Prize for four-year-old dressage horses, thus holding on to their lead position of the qualification. The runner-up position was claimed by Josi (Jovian x Samarant) and Chiara Prijs Vitale that climbed up the rankings after their ninth place in the qualification. The podium was completed by Elastic 11 (Escolar x DiMaggio) and Maxi Kira von Platen.

Commentating judge Maarten van der Heijden foresees a bright future for the four-year-old chestnut bred by Stal 104 that owns the stallion together with Helgstrand Dressage. “Opoque performed a lovely test, he is a very promising horse.” The four-year-old KWPN stallion was awarded an 8.7 for his perspective and received his highest mark for the canter, an 8.8. “He covers a lot of ground and has such an uphill jump in this gait. Another strong suit of this horse is his shoulder freedom.” The final score of Opoque was 85.6%.

“We did it together, though it is mainly the horse”, responds Mette Sejbjerg Jensen when congratulated with her win after the prize giving ceremony. “I feel so lucky to ride a horse like this. Opoque is a very sensitive horse, but I always say the best horses are the most sensitive. We are great team; he trusts me, and we really enjoyed our ride today.” The question arises whether we have seen a potential future WC-combination. “I certainly hope so, it is my deepest wish. If I still get to ride the horse next year, I’ll be back in Ermelo! Now we go home and take a late summer break. Hopefully you guys will see us next year.”

Daughter of Jovian
The entire class obtained top marks; out of the ten finalists, nine young horses recorded an 80%+ score. Sired by former world champion of the five- and seven-year-olds Jovian, it came as no surprise Josi proved a fierce competitor to Opoque. The Westphalian mare, bred by Frieder Heilemann and owned by Dressage Horses Vitale Prijs & GC Dressage Horses, moved to 85%, receiving an 8.8 for her trot and 8.5 for perspective.

Helgstrand Dressage’s name popped up as owner of another top three horse in this class. The Westphalian horse Elastic 11, bred by Daniela Werheit-Wagemeyen, showed to be aptly named in a solid test that was valued at 84.4%. ‘What an elastic and talented horse”, praised Maarten van der Heijden. The stallion was given an 8.8 for his trot. “This horse possesses a fantastic trot, active and light-footed with a swinging back.”

Picture: Dirk Caremans