Liberace for U and Linnea Cöster win small final seven-year-old horses

10-09-2022 door Ermelo YH

Swedish rider Linnea Cöster has won the small final for seven-year-old horses aboard her SWB-gelding Liberace for U. The son of Dante Weltino earned 76.38% for his test, thereby ensuring a starting place in the final. The other two tickets to the final were bestowed on Kira Laura Soddemann and Jetset (s.Johnson) and Lone Bang Zindorff and Posseiden Majluind (s.Tailormade Temptation).

The small finals offer all the participants that did not qualify directly in the first round a last chance to get selected. The best three horses of the small final advance to the concluding final. A fantastic opportunity for young horses to redeem themselves if the first test did not go to plan.

Strong small final
“The first three horses are lovely horses that all showed a great test today”, tells judge Peter Storr. “The winner Liberace for U is a great horse with three good gaits. In the qualification he was too tense. It was getting dark, and the scoreboard was very bright. The horse was scared of it and that cost him some crucial points. In this small final, the horse was clearly more relaxed. I am happy Linnea Cöster has made it to the final, she truly deserves it.”

Major goal
“I am very happy with this victory. It was one of my major goals to qualify for the final. In the qualifying round, the circumstances were difficult. I am happy he was so relaxed today. The trot felt great, in the canter we had a bit too much power, but it was so much better than yesterday. I am looking forward to the final test tomorrow”, says a pleased Linnea Cöster.

Worthy of the final
The second to come forward in the prizegiving ceremony was German rider Kira Laura Soddemann and Jetset. This Hanoverian Johnson-son moved to 75.53%. “A horse with a lot of quality that in my eyes deserved a place in the final”, explains judge Storr. Poseidon Majlund, a DWB-registered offspring of Tailormade Temptation placed third with 75.24%. “A horse with lots of power in the trot. The walk is very good as well and the canter should show a more swinging back.”

Competition wide open
Storr looks forward to the final and emphasizes the competition is wide open. “It promises to be an interesting conclusion. We cannot predict with certainty who will win the title tomorrow. We have got multiple great horses that all have a shot at winning. The combinations that can perform their test flawlessly, will have the best deck of cards. A mistake might cost you a medal.”

Thalia Rockx best Dutch rider
The best Dutch result was obtained by Thalia Rockx and Koko Jr de la Fazenda, that was bred by Thalia’s parents. The daughter of Glock’s Toto Jr. scored 74.37% and that meant a sixth position.

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Photo: Dirk Caremans/ Hippo Foto Media