01-08-2019 door Ermelo YH

The first qualification at the LONGINES FEI/WBFSH Dressage World Breeding Championships for Young Horses is over. Today, the five-year-old dressage talents entered the arena and Secret (BAD-W, breeder Hubert Vogler) was awarded the best score by the judges. Chairman of the judges Adriaan Hamoen: “We are dealing with an extremely strong group here. Six horses scored over 90 percent, that is extraordinary. This means we may expect a thrilling battle amongst the top contenders, since we have seen multiple potential winners. Secret received a very consistent grade list of super scores. Valverde was awarded a 10, for the best walk we have seen today. We also granted a 10 to the fantastic trot of Jovian. The small final will be exciting, too. A number of horses that could not qualify today, certainly have the talent to reach the final.”

Jessica Lynn Thomas & Secret

Frontrunner Secret, the son of the triple champion Sezuan (ds.St. Moritz), lived up his genetic expectations under the saddle of the Swedish Jessica Lynn Thomas. The stallion received magnificent grades for his basic gaits: trot 9.9, walk 9.5, canter 9.7. The dark bay danced with lots of elasticity and easy through the arena and received an 8.8, for submission and a 9.8 for perspective. Totalling at 9.54, the undisputed leader. Jessica was happily surprised. “I really did not expect this. I came here not focused on the win. Secret is truly my friend and because he was in high demand for breeding this season, I did not want to put too much pressure on him and just wished to have a nice ride. We had an unusual mistake in our communication, so maybe we can improve our score slightly. Though honestly, I would be very happy to repeat this one!”

Eva Möller & Valverde

The numbers two and three were a good match: with a only a minimal difference, the second place was claimed by Vitalis-son Valverde (ds.Ampère) (WESTF, breeder Reesink Pferde GmbH): ridden by Eva Möller got to 9.2801. Renata van Uytert-Van Vliet scored 9.28 with the Bordeaux-offspring Johnny Depp (ds.Jazz). Valverde received the ultimate 10 for the walk, the trot earned an 8.9 and the canter was valued at an 8.8. A 9.3 for submission and 9.4 for perspective brought the total to the second place. Johnny Depp (KWPN, breeder J.M. van Uytert) – well presented by Renate van Uytert- Van Vliet – showed a nice, relaxed walk: a 9.7, in addition a 9.1 for trot, a 9.2 for canter and an 8.8. for submission. A superb 9.6 for perspective, illustrates the jury’s trust in the future of the stallion.

Renate Van Uytert-Van Vliet & Johnny Depp

Adriaan Hamoen: “The horses were presented in a very correct manner. In the world of dressage, an increasing amount of attention is drawn for the development of wellbeing of the horse and the natural manner in which it should be presented. We have seen a big improvement in that aspect today. In the program brochure, Christoph Hess describes it well: ‘the quality of riding, starts at young horses.’ Well, in that respect, we were treated to some great craftsmanship. Thus, I’d encourage everyone to come to Ermelo and see it for yourself. The high quality of riding, talented horses and the expected thrilling final surely makes it worth your while.


(Photo Hippofoto)