29-07-2019 door Sandra Karman

It’s a first for the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses: the 3* class at Grand Prix-level! This class promises to be a great spectacle, looking at the big names on the masterlist.

For Germany, we can enjoy the recently declared Reistmesterin Dorothee Schneider and Faustus 94 and Helen Langehanenberg on Annabelle 110. Earlier this month in Falsterbö, both Hans Peter Minderhoud & GLOCK’s Casper and Patrick van der Meer & Chinook proved to be in top form, so these two riders are determined to get another top placement in Ermelo. A total of six countries are represented in this international class, amongst them are Japan with Akane Kuroki and the stallion Bordeaux, Czech-Republic with Hana Vasaryova and Filipa, Greece by Jiochanna-Androniki Kordatzaki and Roosens Westpoint and lastly, Laurienne Ditmann with Belmonti from South-Africa.

Saturday the 3rdof August, the Grand Prix starts at 09.00hrs, followed by the Grand Prix Special and the Grand Prix Freestyle om Sunday August 4. The best horses in the Grand Prix earn a ticket to the Grand Prix Freestyle on Sunday. The first combination in the Grand Prix Special enters the arena at 10.00hrs and at 13.00hrs the Grand Prix Freestyle begins. The class is powered by Helgstrand Dressage.