03-08-2019 door Ermelo YH

Andreas Helgstrand & Jovian

Just now, the first champion of the Longines FEI/WBFSH Dressage World Breeding Championships Championships for Young Horses was honored in the prizegiving ceremony. In a sensational five-year-old final, it was Jovian who was victorious. The stallion Secret won the qualification and seemed to be the favorite for the title. His sire Sezuan got hold of the title for three years in a row, and under Jessica Lynn Thomas his son Secret also made a lasting impression. Showing lots of technique, uphill movements and an incredible use of his body, the stallion of Christine Feichtinger, Gestüt W.M.G., performed a magical test. Maria Schwennesen commented on behalf of the jury: “What a fantastic horse. When you match so much power, softness and elasticity at the same time, you must be on a winning streak. This test had so much to appreciate and so much to enjoy. It is truly a pleasure to judge such high quality.”

Jessica Lynn Thomas & Secret

The powerful, elastic trot received a 9.4. The walk had huge overtrack but could display more freedom in the shoulder, a 9. The highest mark went to the powerful, uphill canter: a 10! The perspective was also valued at a 10. Throughout the test there was secure contact and harmony, a 9.8. When the total of 9.64 popped up on the scoreboard, the magical stallion appeared to have secured the gold. However, it was Andreas Helgstrand who wrote history today by scoring four (!) 10s with the breathtaking KWPN-horse Jovian (Apache x Johnson TN, bred by E.T. ten Bosch). Only the walk, that is correct and has rhythm, but could open more in the back could be more swinging, received an 8.3. As a result, Jovian grabbed the lead by 2/100ste over Secret. Maria Schwennesen: “The trot had so much spring and suspension and even with the huge amount of airtime he still matched between front and back. The canter: well-balanced, always uphill and so fluent. Jovian is a display of pure self-carriage and suppleness. What a fantastic mover!”

Andreas Helgstrand & , Queenparks Wendy
World Championship

Helgstrand Dressage had 4 horses in the top 4 and Andreas also placed third with Queenparks Wendy, another offspring of Sezuan (ds.Blue Hors Soprano). The by Kurt Gosmer bred mare showed lots of balance. The impressive trot is active and received a 9. The likewise active walk with good freedom in the shoulder also got a 9. The mare was the first to receive a 10 and it was awarded to her uprising canter. A 9.5 for submission and a 9.6 for perspective averaged to a 9.42, capturing the bronze medal. Andreas: “We actually spoke about it back home. Never before have we had such a strong group of horses for the world championships. Especially the five-year-olds are very strong, I could not see which one is the best. From day 1, when Jovian arrived in our stables, I have said he is the easiest horse to ride. And I’m not saying this because we have won, but he has done three different stallion tests and in each he received a 10 for rideability from the guest rider. Sure, he does not have the most spacious walk, but he extends and collects very easily. I am glad the jury recognized this talent.” When asked if the brand-new champion is for sale, he says: “Everything is for sale, Helgstrand Dressage has grown into a large enterprise and that means we have to sell horses on a regular basis. However, Jovian is a popular breeding stallion and I have a strong co-owner: together we surely plan to keep him on for now.”
And thus, the silver went to Secret. Jessica: “I am grateful for silver and happy to have beaten Andreas at least once in the qualification. I am also super happy for Secret. He is in high demand for breeding and hopefully I can ride him for a long time to come.”

A beautiful Longines watch for winner Andreas Helgstrand

President of the jury Adriaan Hamoen is satisfied: “It was an exciting final for both the audience and for us, as the jury. Thursday, we already discovered we had a group of high-quality horses. I would like to compliment the riders, each horse was presented in a correct manner.”

A wonderful conclusion to a thrilling final, in which the spectators sometimes expressed her enthusiasm quite loudly. Andreas loved it: “Our sport needs entertainment and I think it is fantastic that the audience recognize and appreciate quality. I also want to compliment the jury and especially their explanatory statement towards the audience: critical, yet positive, it was perfect.”


(Photos Hippofoto)