20-07-2017 door Ermelo YH

With no less than 10 horses, the Helgstrand Dressage Dream will set out for the World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses in Ermelo. Bringing twofold world champion Fiontini, this includes the ultimate favourite for the title of the seven-year-olds. Helgstrand does not exlusively represent Denmark, but also holds trumps in Sweden, Germany, Australia and Austria. The horses are registered in four different studbooks.

Amongst the five-year-olds Kenneth Damgaard is in the race with Højgårdens Santos and Stenagrs Wyatt Earp. Under the saddle of Severo Jurado Lopez, D’Avie will make a move for the title. Simon Pearce represents Australia with Casablanca. Their last horse in this category is Ferrari, presented by Andreas himself in the five-year-olds class.

At the six-year-olds Straight Horse Don Tamino with Anne Marie Husbond, Quel Filou OLD with Severo Jurado Lopez and Feodoro with Simon Pearce will defend the honours of the Helgestrand stables.

Twofold world champion Fiontini will surely go for their third world title in a row at the seven-year-olds with Severo Jurado. Andreas will enter the competition with Springbank VH.

Source: Horse2Rider